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If you have any items that you want to sell or to buy - email the webmaster using the link on the front page and they will be posted here. Items will be removed after a reasonable length of time (~ a year -- :>)   )   New items will be added to the top of the listing.
This page was last updated on: July 18, 2017
The airplanes above are for sale by Federico Jones Home phone : 757-596-9160, Cell: 757-869-4967.

1. CMP P-40 $100.00 no equipment, $150. with Century Jet Retract.        4. CMP Peashooter $75.00

2. Top Flite P-40 $75.00                                                                               5. Quique's Yak 54. $125.00 Plane only

3. CMP Zling $100.0                                                                                    6. World P-40 $100.00 no equipment $150.00 with retracts.

All planes for sale are airplane only.

For Sale by Alan Fry- 757-229-7698 (Leave Message)

RC Powers F-35 made from Dollar Tree Foam board.
Advertised as a training airplane

Fitted with 2 servos operating Elevons. Could be easily upgraded with ailerons.

Flown less than 10 times and is in good condition
Plans/ instructions included

Airframe: FREE!!
With (from Heads Up RC) - 2 TowerPro SG92R servos and PowerUp 400 Zoom motor plus prop: $20

Nitro Planes RQ1 UAV Predator

Flown less than 10 times. In good condition

With instruction manual

Needs ESC and receiver

Price to sell at $35

Not Shown:  Flight Test FT SPITFIRE Kit
Foam already cut out- ready for assembly

Price to sell at 50% off retail: $20
The above is For Sale by Steve Kolet. If interested, send email to

1. Eflite Fokker DVII-Eflite 2230-950 motor, Phoenix 25 ESC, HS-55 servos, Spectrum RX installed. Never flown. $200

2. Flyzone Bf109g, replaced stock motor with Eflite Power 15 30 AMP ESC, $150

3. Tactic X650 TX, TR624 RX, Switch, TX charger, Case to fit TX and Charger $130